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Will Honda launch electric bike based on CB125R?

01:12 PM Sep 05, 2020 IST | Viraat
will honda launch electric bike based on cb125r

Electric mobility is the future ahead and has become quite popular in the present. Government incentive, ecological benefits and more benefits make EVs a very interesting option.
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Charging infrastructure is still not the best in India, but India is working towards it.  Find out below about Honda CB125R Electric bike.


When will the bike launch?

The fully electric performance bike will only launch globally after 2022. Launch in India is very much ahead. You still should know some of the important details which hint towards its early launch.

Inspiration for the bike?

honda cb125r


The new Honda Electric CB125R as the name suggest is based heavily on its ICE powered cousin. For those who are new, ICE-powered engine use gasoline as fuel.
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  The platform used in this new bike will be the same as its sibling and thus keep the production costs low.  The body panels, suspension and tires are the same as the petrol-powered bike.

What are the differences?

Honda electric logo

Some significant changes will be made in the chassis and frame in order to accommodate an electric motor and battery pack.  Performance figures are still a complete mystery now.
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The company will aim to keep the performance figure as close to the ICE powered as possible.   The patent images which were leaked recently showed some very important details.

What does the Honda say?

HMSI’s newly appointed President, CEO and Managing Director Atsushi Ogata said, “This issue (dip in profitability) is not only for HMSI, (but) for the entire industry. So, therefore, we plan to review model by model profitability and try to change model mix itself to have a profitable model mix.”

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