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Why don't Indians buy diesel car anymore?

02:15 PM Aug 12, 2023 IST | Swaraj Acharekar
why don t indians buy diesel car anymore

In India, diesel vehicles have maintained their popularity over the years due to their efficient fuel consumption and comparatively pricing. Certain people have remained staunch supporters of diesel engines, only opting for diesel-powered cars. Nevertheless, a noticeable decline in the purchase of diesel cars has happened in the last few years. Back in 2012, diesel cars held a dominant 54% share in the Indian automotive market. However, following the implementation of the BS6 emission standards, the demand for diesel vehicles dwindled significantly, plummeting to a mere 18% market share in 2020. Subsequently, a slight resurgence was witnessed in 2022, bringing the market share to 19%. Interestingly, this downward trend has continued despite an overall growth in the automotive industry. So why is India not buying diesel cars anymore in 2023? In today's article, let's find out. 


Government Policies

Diesel cars India 2023

In recent years, the Indian government has implemented a series of policies aimed at discouraging the utilization of diesel-powered vehicles. These governmental measures have been predominantly focused on enforcing diverse emission standards that directly impact automobiles. A significant setback for diesel cars materialized with the introduction of the BS6 emission norms. These norms mandated the incorporation of Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) systems to regulate pollution levels, a seemingly straightforward requirement that, however, translated into elevated costs for diesel car manufacturers. To compound matters, the subsequent implementation of the BS6 stage 2 norms dealt another blow, resulting in the phasing out of smaller diesel engines by a majority of car makers.


Diesel cars India 2023 - Older diesel car ban in Delhi

Delhi, which was historically a substantial market for diesel vehicles, took the additional step of prohibiting the operation of diesel cars that were a decade old. This particular regulation had a discouraging effect on potential diesel car buyers. The dynamic interplay of these frequent and evolving regulations has effectively dissuaded a considerable portion of the population from opting for diesel engines in their vehicles.

Environmental Concerns

Diesel cars India 2023

Diesel cars are known to emit higher levels of pollutants compared to petrol cars. The pollutants emitted by diesel cars, such as nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM), have been linked to respiratory illnesses and environmental damage. India is home to some of the most polluted cities in the world, and diesel cars are one of the major contributors to air pollution. As a result, consumers are becoming more conscious of their environmental impact and are opting for cleaner alternatives, such as electric and hybrid cars.

Diesel cars India 2023 - Advancements in Technology

Diesel cars India 2023

With advancements in technology, petrol cars have become almost as fuel-efficient as diesel cars. The fuel efficiency gap between petrol and diesel cars has reduced significantly, making petrol cars a more viable option for consumers. Additionally, electric and hybrid cars have become more affordable and accessible in recent years, providing consumers with cleaner and more efficient alternatives to diesel cars.

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