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What is wrong with the Renault Triber?

01:00 PM Oct 09, 2020 IST | Viraat
what is wrong with the renault triber

The owner for today is Rahul Nair. The owner’s father took the decision of buying the car.  The father was planning to surprise the owner but he was greatly shocked by the choice of car.  The owner wanted a refined car and complete product. Find out more inside what is wrong with the Renault Triber.



triber owner review interior

The car has plenty of space, but the owner is greatly disappointed with the driving dynamics of the car. The owner tells that it is not a proper seven-seater car, and the engine is also not tuned well. According to the owner, Renault Triber is a 5-seater with a large boot space.  The owner has around 7-8 cars around him and was driving the EcoSport prior to this.  For entry-level car buyers, this is not an issue. The Renault Triber is not ideal for anyone who has purchased a hatchback or above.  This does not serve an upgrade over Maruti Ignis, Maruti Swift, Hyundai Grand i10 in spite of larger space.


What did the owner like?

triber owner review exterior

The owner loves the space utilization in the car. The AC performance is also impressive. Roomy interiors with large window panes are the only benefits of this car. The overall ergonomics of the car is also good, as long as the car is stationary.  The Renault Triber here has clocked 5000kms in the previous 8 months.  The owner wanted to drive the car more, but due to manufacturing defects and other issues could not complete his wish. Judging by his voice, the owner is full desperate with this car.

Unsafe car

The main problem regarding the safety of the car is that the steering wheel automatically turns to the right side without any input from the driver side. This is a very dangerous hazard and can prove deadly in highways.  There is also a battery problem with the car, which leads to an automatic reset of the odometer reading.  There is also starting issue with the car.  These are the 3 major manufacturing difficulties faced by the owner, out of which two have been partially solved.

triber owner review seats What wrong Renault Triber

The sheet metal quality of the car is disappointing.  It is too thin for a car of its size. The owner clearly says that the Renault Triber is not a stable car and only a marketing myth present in India. Seven Seater price at cheap price does come with its disadvantages.  The car is hugely underpowered and can only achieve near 80km/hr with full load.  If you think, the smaller engine leads to better mileage think again.  City mileage of this car according to the owner’s experience is 10kmpl. The high fuel efficiency figure claimed by the company is also a myth. More about What is wrong with the Renault Triber below.

“You can never judge a book by its covers”, is rightly said. The Renault Triber has good looks and exteriors, but the overall product lacks practicality and refinement. Also looks of the car are the secondary importance. Safety, Performance and efficiency are buyer’s main concerns.  The owner considers this a show-piece only.


Renault Triber What wrong Renault Triber

The owner does not want to recommend this car to anyone.  According to the owner, good build quality of a car is of utmost importance and this car does not have it.  You can never compare the price of life with the car.  Buying a hatchback at a similar price or more is a more sensible option.  The fully-loaded car easily scraps speed breakers in India.  The “awesome ground clearance” promised by the company does not hold true for the fully-loaded car.  If the owner gets the chance to travel back in time and purchase a car, he will happily prefer the Maruti Swift. The cheapest 7-seater which you can buy is the Maruti Ertiga, which is an overall good product.

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