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Volvo S90 R-Design spotted

10:16 AM Jan 22, 2016 IST | MotorOctane Team
volvo s90 r design spotted

If you want to make your newly ordered Volvo S90 tougher the R-Design package is the one to choose.
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But Volvo has still not revealed the R -Design S90 meaning no one outside of Volvo knows how it looks, not until now that is.  Today our photographers managed to snap some photos during a short stop.
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That this is not your ordinary S90 we can clearly see when looking at the front. The front spoiler is looking completely different , on the regular S90 the lower air intake is almost going from side to side while on this car it’s just slightly wider than the number plate. But we can see what looks like some camouflage on the sides so it could be a little wider with different shaped ends.

Volvo S90 R-Design 2


The air intakes under the respective headlights are larger and covered with plastic hoods that channels the air flow , a bit like the XC90 R-Design. We also notice some parts of camouflage on the fog lights.
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Expect the mirror housings to come in matte aluminum on the production version and that the wheel design will be special on the R-Design package. In this case the prototype is driving with winter tyres so that’s the reason the “real” wheels are not mounted.

Volvo S90 R-Design 3

The changes are making the S90 with the R-Design looking more aggressive and sporty. This will be the perfect package for those who like the sportier look but don’t really need the power that will come with the Polestar version.

Volvo S90 R-Design 4

Thank you CarPix for the images.

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