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Can a modified Tata Sierra compete against Thar?

02:00 PM Oct 28, 2020 IST | Viraat
can a modified tata sierra compete against thar

Tata Motors is one of the most famous car makers present in India at the current moment. With their outstanding safety-oriented cars, they have taken the Indian car market by storm. Tata Sierra however was sold only between 1991 and 2003. It was one of the early-SUVs in the country.  Though the car has been discontinued for more than 17 years, it has become a cult status among car-people in India. Find out below if a modified Tata Sierra can compete against Thar and Gurkha.


Front and Side Changes

The vehicle comes with many changes, both structural and aesthetic.  Front changes to the SUV include a new bumper, with an integrated bull bar, fog lamps and bash plate.  The headlamps on the front of the car have also been completely blacked out, with two wave pattern slits on each side, thus providing a unique look.



The front grille of the SUV is also custom-made and comes with the logo of the garage that built this vehicle.  Looking towards the side, you will notice huge/functional off-road tires which are ideal for off-roading. The SUV also gets external roll cage, with auxiliary LED light bar at the top of the vehicle. The external roll cage also acts as a roof rack which also has space for a spare wheel, something very cleverly engineered.

Rear and Other Changes

Coming to the rear of the car, you will notice that the SUV has a custom mount for jerry can and a mechanical jack. Off-road vehicles are not known for their fuel efficiency and this bonus feature promises your complete peace of mind during your off-road adventures.  NYC Garage has also replaced the rear bumper with an off-road unit with bash plate and two towing hooks. Like the front, the taillights have also been blacked out and you get side-exhaust tips at the rear of the car.

You can also observe a custom hood on the SUV. It also comes with few vinyls and military green exterior colour. It make the SUV look bold and aggressive too, promising optimum performance on any off-road terrain.  The three-door design of the original model has not been changed, thus adding to the looks of the car. Look-wise it looks pretty good as the Mahindra Thar and Force Gurkha.

Maker and Engine

NYC Custom is a Nagpur based garage which has made this SUV possible. The Tata Sierra when in production was powered by a 2.0litre Peugeot sourced Diesel engine.  Both naturally aspirated and turbocharged variant of the engine was sold.  Only a 5-speed manual transmission was available with SUV with either RWD or 4WD.

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