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Skoda Anuq will be the new electric SUV - EXCLUSIVE

07:31 AM Oct 03, 2017 IST | Rachit Hirani
skoda anuq will be the new electric suv   exclusive

The Volkswagen family has been working towards introducing hybrid and even electric vehicles. Skoda will be introducing the plug-in hybrid version of the Superb and we have reports that the Skoda Anuq shall be the next electric vehicle from the brand. This will be an electric coupe-like SUV.


If you remember the Vision E Concept? The production version of that concept will be launched in 2020, and the same shall be done for VW and Audi. All the three brands will realise electric vehicles, that will be competing directly with other EVs. Skoda Anuq

Recently, AutoExpress had shared a few names, which included Amiq, Eliaq and Anuq. Our sources have confirmed that the name for this SUV will be Skoda Anuq. This will be the new flagship for Skoda brand and the Anuq will be about the size between the Karoq and the Kodiaq. They even gave out an entire report too.


Skoda Anuq Release Date

A tad too early to comment on this, but we do expect the Skoda Anuq to be launched by late 2020. We reckon first comes the Volkswagen I.D. and then the Audi EV. This will be followed by the Anuq. All the three launches are likely to be in the same year itself.

Skoda Anuq rear

Skoda Anuq Price

This will be the most expensive Skoda SUV ever. Expected pricing of about ,000 this will be surpassing the Kodiaq as well.
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The higher variants might go up to $60,000. Skoda Anuq will be the first step into e-mobility.
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The future models shall be more affordable as production gets more and more affordable of electric vehicles.

Skoda Anuq interiors

Skoda Anuq Specifications

In terms of performance, the Anuq will have a 224kW electric motor. This will translate into 300 horsepower, and it should have a torque of close to 400Nm. Range of 500 kilometres was one of the talking points for the Anuq and Skoda will want to retain that.
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There is more than sufficient room to add multiple batteries to get this range. We even expect them to get good amount of technology to charge the batteries quickly.

Skoda Anuq concept interior

Skoda Anuq Design

Based on the Skoda Vision E Concept, this new coupe-SUV will be a five-seater. Its size will be between the Karoq and the Kodiaq. Just like any of the Skoda vehicles, this will also have more than sufficient space on offer. This will be a sporty-looking vehicle. Skoda has gone ahead with the correct strategy of having a sporty EV, so in the initial phase, buyers will at pleasure driving will be pulled towards it. A regular consumer will still need some more time to switch to an electric vehicle.

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