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New-Gen BMW 3 Series spotted - EXCLUSIVE

12:03 PM Jan 20, 2016 IST | MotorOctane Team
new gen bmw 3 series spotted   exclusive

It´s been a busy day over at BMW today and to round up the BMW topics here are also some photos of the all new BMW  -Series internally called G20.The new 3 Series is set to get its debut in 2018 and is said to get a longer wheelbase in order to give more space for the rear seat passengers. Even the new-generation C-Class is longer for better rear seat space. The India launch will also be in the same year.
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Even if it will be slightly bigger, it will drop some weight as well due to the usage of lighter material.We can be pretty sure the this next generation BMW 3 Series will have plenty of safety gizmos and the latest in infotainment. Expect a wide range of petrol, diesel and hybrid engines as well as an M version. There will be three and four cylinder petrol engines and the M will get the straight-six.

BMW 3 series 2
BMW 3 series 8


This is just the start of testing of the new BMW 3 Series.
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The 3 Series is the best seller for the brand and this one will be a lot lighter, bigger, powerful and even fuel efficient than the currently sold one. The hybrid one will be powered by a 1.
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5-litre petrol and diesel engine.

BMW 3 series 6

BMW 3 series 14

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