Maruti Rs 4 lakh car – What do we expect?

11:21 AM Jun 08, 2021 | Chinmay Hadkar

Maruti is known for its affordable cars. Today we are going to take a look at the cheapest Maruti Rs 4 lakh car that might come to the market soon. As of now, the Maruti Alto is the cheapest Maruti car that you can buy from the company. With this Rs 4 lakh car, we are expecting Maruti Alto to either be refreshed or completely replaced.

New Interiors

The interiors of the Maruti Alto are quite dated and they need a major overhaul. It is a budget car and we do not expect fancy dual-tone interiors but there could be something that gels well with the design. The panel gaps can be mini missed or just the change in the shape of the AC vents might give the vehicle a new look. With this Maruti Rs 4 lakh car we are surely going to see some kind of new design that will have a lot of add on accessories and fitments.

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Change of Platform

Almost all cars in the Maruti lineup are shifted or are being shifted to the Heartect platform. We expect that the new Maruti Alto will be built on the same platform as the SPresso. We can not claim that it will be safer as the Spresso scores a zero GNCAP safety rating. But there will be some stability while driving. A new platform might also open possibilities to use the 1000cc engine that we see on the Maruti SPresso.

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As the current model of Alto is old and it is a budget car it does not get all 4 power windows. This is done to keep the prices in check. We think that there will be at least an option in the higher variants where you can opt for power windows at the rear too. We might get to see a digital instrument cluster that will give it an upmarket feel without changing much. The infotainment system might get Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity.

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Now there is not much that you can expect from a Maruti Rs 4 lakh car as the company will focus most of its attention on making this car easy to drive and easy to maintain. The audience for this car are mostly first-time buyers and also people who want a low maintenance car. We could see a lot of these above-mentioned features on higher variants but the lowest trim might come as a bare basic point A to B traveler.

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