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New Mahindra Thar Mileage run in 2020

03:00 PM Oct 05, 2020 IST | Viraat
new mahindra thar mileage run in 2020

Mahindra Thar has been one of the most anticipated SUV launches in our country. While people buying Thar rarely worry about the mileage of the SUV, but we decided to answer the age-old question of, “Kitna Deti Hai?” The new Mahindra Thar is a great improvement over its predecessors and comes in two variants to choose from. Find below about New Mahindra Thar Mileage run in 2020.


More about the test car

The Mahindra Thar which we tested was the Diesel manual variant of the car. We will be travelling from near Nasik to Mumbai.  Our initial expectations are really low regarding the mileage of the SUV. It is a 4×4 SUV with heavyweight with fuel efficiency not being the centre point of development of the SUV.  Out test run will be similar to real-world scenarios with AC and music both working.


Mahindra Thar Mileage run

We fueled up the Mahindra Thar full tank and set off on our road trip.  We reset the trip meter, filled up the fuel and began our wild ride.  The weather outside was rainy. Speeds upto 85km/hr with engine running about 2000-2500rpm is the sweet spot for optimum speed and no cabin sound.  The aerodynamic designs of the car are also not very ideal to hide the rain and road noise outside the car. More about Mahindra Thar Mileage run below.

Journey and Results

We stopped mid-way for our lunch and then continued our journey. After 40kms done, the MID on the SUV shows average fuel efficiency of 26.2kmpl. The Distance to empty figure was around 655kms which is impressive. The fast-falling night gave us the perfect conditions to check out the illumination in the SUV.  At the end of 102.4km journey, we again filled up 9.30litres of fuel to fill up the tank. As a result, the answer of the mileage test comes out to 102.4/9.30=11.01kmpl.  This figure was claimed in a  mixture of highway driving, traffic, city driving and some stops.

On the first look, the test results are a little disappointing but we have to consider the role of traffic. The automatic transmission may also quite close mileage figure.  The next on our list is the petrol engine and transmission. Continuous Highway driving promises better fuel efficiency.

Mahindra Thar Mileage run


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