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Kia Sonet to get this much needed thing

11:30 AM May 03, 2023 IST | Swaraj Acharekar
kia sonet to get this much needed thing

Kia has tasted success in a short time in the Indian market. Kia started on the right note with the Seltos and followed it up with another blockbuster in the form of Sonet. With the Seltos ageing, the Sonet has become the lead seller of the Korean brand. Now Kia wants to further its sales with CNG. In today’s article, let’s talk about the Kia Sonet CNG 2023.



Kia Sonet CNG 2023

Just a few months back, a Sonet with an ARAI testing kit was spotted testing. This could be the Sonet CNG as Kia doesn’t have anything else to test on the Sonet. Kia has been flirting with the idea of CNG for some time with the Carens also being spotted. The spotted car was the Sonet X-Line meaning it was the turbo variant. CNG paired with turbo petrol is a new thing, but Kia-Hyundai has been trying this thing for some time. So it makes sense if Kia brings the Sonet CNG on turbo petrol. 


Expected changes

Design-wise, we don’t expect any major changes in the exterior. The only change will be the addition of a CNG badge. In the interior, space will be compromised with the addition of the CNG tank. Could Kia also go the Tata way and employ a twin-cylinder technology? Only time will tell. The rest of the interiors could remain the same. The extra CNG fitment would definitely make the car economical to run but could hamper the performance. 

Kia Sonet CNG 2023 – What else to know?

Kia Sonet CNG 2023

As stated above, Kia has been flirting with the idea of CNG for some time. However, we are yet to see a CNG car from the brand. So there seems to be uncertainty regarding the launch of the Sonet CNG. Considering the launch of the Brezza CNG, other manufacturers could join and one of them could be the Sonet CNG. Kia could launch the Sonet CNG by the end of this year and will be priced at a premium of Rs 1 lakh over similarly priced petrol variants.

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