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Kawasaki W175 Coming to India

11:00 AM Oct 13, 2020 IST | Akshat Mehrotra
kawasaki w175 coming to india

With the rise of neo-retro bikes in the market we the report of Kawasaki launching the W175 in india might not be a big surprise. Kawasaki has been in this lower price segment along with bajaj long back and we all want it back again. Let’s know what the W175 might offer and what the customer should expect from it?



Kawasaki W175 is a classic bike. This means it will lock horns with the Royal Enfield Classic 350. Yes, of course, it will have a smaller 175 cc engine but as we have no power figures for India we can not say that the engine will be tuned to create more power. The international model makes a modest 13 bhp of power and 13.2 nm of torque.


Side image Kawasaki


If Kawasaki keeps the engine same then this bike will be underpowered as a lot of other India 150cc bikes make more power and torque and the RE classic 350 because of its bigger displacement feels superior. If to compete with the RE Classic 350, Kawasaki decides to put a price tag of Rs 1.40 lakhs (ex-showroom) then it might become the most affordable offering but not the most value for money.

Hurdles in India

Because of the BS6 norms, Kawasaki will have to work on the carburated engine of the bike. Giving it a fuel injection system might be the biggest finance-related hurdle for Kawasaki. Kawasaki small bike image. The PR and the image of Kawasaki in India are like a manufacturer who makes reliable sports bikes at a reasonable price. By offering a small bike they will offer the Kawasaki badge in the mass market.

Hampering the prestige value of a brand should also translate into sales. If we look at the first mover’s advantage, Kawasaki does not really have one here. It surely might become the lowest-priced offering in the segment but the bike will compete with the most unreasonable bike in the Indian market. Let’s take a look at what the bike offers in the South Asian Market where it is offered as a carburated 175cc bike.

Kawasaki Speedo

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Kawasaki blue

The Kawasaki W175 gets a double-cradle chassis. The engine is air-cooled and runs on low compression. Along with that it is a square engine and has a balancer shaft to do away with the vibrations. This engine comes with a 5-speed gearbox.

Kawasaki cafe race

The cycle parts on this bike are pretty basic as they are on any classic bike. The box-section swingarm and the dual shocks at the rear will be no surprise. The headlight will be round the front forks won’t be USD and the bike will also have spoked wheels.

The most interesting fact about the bike will be its weight at 126kg. This might not only make it the lightest classic bike but it will also give a peppy acceleration. The brakes are expected to be a dual-disc setup but on the international model, it is offered with a drum brake at the rear.

Kawasaki Seat

Let us know if you have any question on this bike. We have not received any official launch date or unveil information on this Kawasaki W175. For more such content stay subscribed to the Motoroctane Youtube, Google NEWS, Facebook and Twitter.

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