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IS Maruti Grand Vitara SAFE?

12:52 PM Sep 02, 2023 IST | Swaraj Acharekar
is maruti grand vitara safe

Maruti had the first movers advantage in the country helping it take the top spot. But it's not like Maruti hasn't adapted well to the market. Currently, its cars are the first choice for new buyers, and also its brand loyalty is like no other. As for their products, they are known for their mileage and reliability. But one thing Maruti cars have found to be lacking is safety. It's not like all its cars are unsafe, we have the Brezza which is a 4-star-rated car. So now the question arises is the Grand Vitara safe too? In today's article, let's talk about the safety of the Maruti Grand Vitara.



Vitara Brezza Safety

So the Grand Vitara is yet to be tested by GNCAP, so it's hard to talk about its safety. Will try to take a logical take on its expected safety ratings. For starters, the Grand Vitara like the Brezza is based on the Global C-platform. The Global C-platform on the Brezza in the older protocols had scored a 4-star rating, which is the highest safety rating for Maruti cars in India. But we have to consider that with the older protocols, the newer protocols are a bit strict. So Maruti will have to make some changes to the Grand Vitara to get it a better rating. Hopefully the Grand Vitara scores well in the crash test.


The launch of BNCAP has added a new dimension to this safety debut. Most of the tests of the BNCAP are very similar to GNCAP so we can expect similar standards. Maruti has stated that it plans to send three cars for the initial BNCAP tests. We think this could include the Brezza and Grand Vitara. So we will not have to wait much for the safety scores of Grand Vitara. BNCAP will become operational from 1st October ber and then we can expect safety scores of the Grand Vitara and other Maruti cars.

What are your expectations from the Grand Vitara? Do let us know in the comments. 

Grand Vitara as a product

The Maruti Grand Vitara is doing quite well for the brand. In July, Maruti sold 9,079 units of the Grand Vitara. So what are the strong points of the Grand Vitara? The Grand Vitara comes with a strong hybrid petrol engine and AWD, which is quite unique for this segment. Also, Maruti has loaded the Grand Vitara with features like a heads-up display, 9.0-inch infotainment, ventilated front seats, a panoramic sunroof etc. 

Future products

In the last few months, Maruti has launched a lot of new products including the Fronx, Jimny and Invicto. Next up Maruti is expected to launch the new-gen Swift and Dzire. After that, we could expect Maruti to bring its first EV in the form of the production version of the eVX. Also, there are rumours that Maruti is working on a Grand Vitara 7-seater. We hope that Maruti works on the safety of all these products before they are launched and gets them crash-tested by BNCAP.

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