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Five essential tips for car buyers!

10:00 AM Apr 09, 2023 IST | Bhushan Mayekar
five essential tips for car buyers

Buying a new set of 4 wheels is a salient process for many of us. Moreover, with today’s plethora of options, we often scratch our heads about which variant to pick. Later, it’s all about the price. We thrive for the best offer one dealership is ready for so that we can save every pinch of our hard-earned buck. However, there are other factors too before buying the car. Which are those? Let’s know about 5 essential car tips for buyers. 


Tips for car buyers – Fuel Option 

Tips for car buyers

Choosing the right fuel option helps save running costs in the long run. It totally depends on the daily running of your car, the number of times you take your car out and most importantly on what road conditions it is driven in. By calculating all these factors, you should choose the suitable option and go for it. Remember, each fuel option has its own merits and demerits. So, choose wisely. 


Correct Segment 

Making a choice in the car segment has become a no-brainer job. Many buyers are now moving towards SUVs because of their added perks. However, it’s not the case with everyone. There are plenty of buyers out there who wish to choose a hatchback or an MPV and not to forget the ever-popular sedans. Therefore, a buyer has to choose whether hir priority is space, comfort or practicality in a car. 

Tips for car buyers – Right variant 

Tips for car buyers

After you choose your segment, another uphill task is going for the right variant. It is natural that as you go higher and higher, the feature list also starts to mount. However, in some rare cases, you have to miss certain things which are available in the other. Therefore, choose the correct variant on the basis of which variant to pick. 

Tips for car buyers – Visiting multiple dealerships 

Tips for car buyers

It boils down to getting the best offer for your car. When you are sure about which variant to pick and checked on the powertrain, visit multiple dealerships to make sure that you get the best offer. Negotiate with the DSE and ask for any complementary accessories for your car. 

Pre Delivery Inspection

Tips for car buyers

It’s a major process that a car buyer should carry before taking delivery of the car. Once you have got notified about your car is at the dealership stockyard, you should ask for a pre-delivery inspection. This helps the buyer to know if there are any discrepancies in the car. This also makes sure you don’t take delivery of a faulty car. If you spot any miscellaneous problems with the car, make sure to talk about it before taking delivery.

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