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How to correctly drive on a six-lane highway

02:30 PM Sep 26, 2020 IST | Viraat
how to correctly drive on a six lane highway

Let us agree that driving tests in India are not the most accurate and strict compared to the outside world. In many countries, getting a drivers license is a very expensive and important achievement.  In a country filled with under-age drivers and road accidents, find out below how to correctly drive in a six-lane highway.


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1) Get the entry right

Before driving the car on a highway, you first need to enter it. Entering a highway is more tricky and risky compared to driving on a highway. Always approach the highway slowly and keep a strict eye on your ORVM and IRVM. Beware of trucks and other big vehicles. Always enter the highway through the first lane and stick to it till you gather speed. Overtaking, just after getting on a highway is highly unadvisable.


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2) Follow the correct lane

Once you are up to speed, you can change lanes. But lanes are not made to be driven according to your mood.  The first lane generally is reserved for entry and slower vehicles. Two-wheelers if permitted, also use only this lane. You should avoid using this lane for a long distance.  Right side overtake should be kept in mind and strictly followed.

correctly drive lane highway

The second lane is for vehicles with speed up to 90km/hr. While there is no strict rule to be followed, this lane is generally preferred by vehicles which maintain a constant speed and are travelling long distances. If you are uncomfortable with the third lane, you should stick to this one. More about how to correctly drive in six-lane highway below.

The third lane is mainly for overtaking vehicles on the highway. High-speed vehicles above 100km/hr should also prefer this lane. Keep in mind to shift back to the second lane one you have finished overtaking a vehicle.  This lane is also preferred by busses and trucks so always keep an eye on your IRVM and ORVM.

Highway 2

There is also a strict procedure to be followed before overtaking a vehicle. You should always pass from the right side of the car. Use turn indicators to signal your move to vehicles behind you. The horn should also be used while starting the procedure. If the driver ahead is preventing overtake, please wait patiently and try again. You should also ensure that the third lane is empty in front of the vehicle.  After you have passed the vehicle, with the help of turn indicators, come back to the second lane.

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3) Get the exit right

A happy and safe ending to the journey is the icing on the cake. When you are about to reach your destination, go to the first lane  1km/500mm before you turn. Also, keep your speed in moderation. As many vehicles may be planning to exit with you, maintain a proper line and distance. Never overtake while exiting a highway. Use your turn indicators to specify your move.
No-one can read your mind and understand your destination. If you wish to cancel the exit, stay on the first lane, continue through the exit and then shift back to the second lane.

correctly drive lane highway

It is our responsibility as citizens to safeguard ours as well as other’s lives. Human life is priceless. Please share this article to educate your friends and family and keep them safe. For more such content stay subscribed to the Motoroctane Youtube, Google NEWS, Facebook and Twitter.

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