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BMW 5 Series GT spotted

11:05 PM Dec 19, 2015 IST | MotorOctane Team
bmw 5 series gt spotted

The next generation BMW 5 GT has been spotted again, and this time during winter test in Sweden. And judging by these photos the new 5 GT will a much better looking car then the first generation.
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The bulky rear end known from the current 5 GT is gone and this new car is looking more sleek and elegant even with the camouflage on. 


The design looks like a mixture of 3 GT and 4 GC making the lines of the new 5 GT sportier and more attractive to customers. A design in harmony you could say.The new 5 GT will drop a lot of weight as well, making it more agile and fun to drive as well as more fuel efficient. The 5 GT will get the new lightweight alloys from the 5 Series making it a lot more fuel-efficient. The new 5 Series has been spotted by us on several occasions.

BMW 5 GT 4


While the engine options still are unknown we know it will be a wide range of petrol and diesel engines as well as a plug-in hybrid version available when the official debut will come in late 2016.
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The 5 Series GT will be made available in India also, and this time it is likely to come in by the CKD route.
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BMW 5 GT 8

Thank you CarPix for the images.

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