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Audi's Baby SUV caught cold weather testing - EXCLUSIVE

12:32 AM Dec 17, 2015 IST | MotorOctane Team
audi s baby suv caught cold weather testing   exclusive

The car we used to call Audi Q1 has now become the Q2 we have learned and we caught two of these baby SUV´s during some cold weather testing in Northern Sweden. Audi's fight over the name with Alfa Romeo has been settled (money wise of course) so that Audi could call it the Q2 and in that way also leave room for a future smaller SUV that then eventually could be called the Q1.
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Audi Q2 8

Audi Q2 12


The Q2 is expected to be unveiled in 2016 and will be based on the flexible MQB platform from the VW Group instead of the older Polo platform that we find under the current Audi A1. The current A1 will however share some of its engines with the newcomer.
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 And rumours are suggesting that we will also get a SQ2 later on so the future for pocket rocket SUV´s is looking good. The Q2 will be powered by three and four cylinder petrol and diesel engines that will be highly fuel-efficient and even come mated with dual-clutch transmission. The Q2 will be a front-wheel drive and there will even be a quattro version as well.

Audi Q2 4

Thank you CarPix for the images.
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