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Audi A3 hatch facelift spotted

08:59 PM Jan 19, 2016 IST | MotorOctane Team
audi a3 hatch facelift spotted

After shooting the first photos of the Audi A3 Convertible and Sedan back in December we can now show you some photos of the three-door hatch version that of course will get the same treatment as the other two.
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 Audi keeps on with the “same styling, different length” and is basically giving the A3 the same face as the new Audi A4 meaning new headlights, new grille , and new bumper up front and rear lights with new graphics and a new bumper at the back.
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Audi A3 facelift 2

This prototype also appears to have the sportier S-Line package. We are guessing there will be some updates on both interior and engines as well. Audi had announced that it won't be launching hatchbacks in India as their research states that Indian car buyers prefer sedans or SUVs in luxury car segment.


Audi A3 facelift 6

At the moment, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and even Volvo have luxury hatchbacks in India. So, who knows if even Audi might get this new hatchback to India as well. The A3 facelift for the sedan will be coming in and the front will resemble the styling of the A3 hatchback that has been spotted.
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This should be due to be launched sometime next year in India. The global launch of the facelift version of the A3 will happen sometime this year.

Audi A3 facelift 10

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