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TVS Apache RTR 200 4V now cheaper and more fun!

11:10 AM Sep 23, 2020 IST | Akshat Mehrotra
tvs apache rtr 200 4v now cheaper and more fun

TVS Apache RTR 200 used to be offered with a dual-channel ABS option. But now the company has played a smart move by offering the bike with single-channel ABS. This has not only reduced the price of the bike but made it even fun to ride. Find it in detail how much does this Apache RTR 200 ABS change benefits you as a customer.


Price Benefit

tvs Apache single channel ABS (1)

Reduction of parts from an existing vehicle or offering a lower-trim will attract more customers. With the Dual Channel ABS the Apache RTR 200 4V costed about Rs 1.28 lakhs. Now with the single-channel ABS  option the Apache RTR 200 costs only Rs 1.23 lakhs. Also, the company calls is a Supermoto ABS model. But we do not get the option of switching off the ABS on the bike as seen on some of the KTMs.


Fun Factor

ABS on any bike stops the brakes from locking up the wheel and prevents skidding. These are really useful in panic braking situations where the rider applies full force on the brake. Now if the bike has a dual-channel ABS then the ABS cuts into the fun of locking the rear wheel.



Locking up the rear wheel and controlling the bike with the lower body and momentum is something that is considered to be cool and skilful. Although it is fun to do but it is not completely safe and should not be done on public roads. Stunts on Social Media might cost you.

Safety Reduction

Having a single-channel ABS is not much of a step down from the dual-channel ABS. In situations of panic breaking the rider is more likely to grab the front brake. Also, the front wheel is the one which steers and has a lot of directional instability. If we compare that to the rear wheel it is held well in position with the swingarm. Even if it locks up the slide that it will provide will be lateral, not diagonal.


However, if used carelessly it could cause harm and we suggest not to try this if you are not an experienced rider. For a completely new buyer, the new Apache RTR 200 ABS option is nothing more than a price benefit. If you are going to buy this bike as your first bike then do spend the Rs 5000 more for added safety. If this is going to be your second purchase then the option of Single-channel ABS makes more sense.

Apache Engine

tvs Apache single channel ABS (2)

The RTR 200 4V has a BS6 compliant 200cc engine. This 197cc of the engine produces 20 bhp of power and 16 Nm of torque. Also, the bike comes with a slipper clutch and glide through traffic technology which makes riding it very easy.

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