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MG Comet EV - Price expectations!

05:40 PM Apr 25, 2023 IST | Swaraj Acharekar
mg comet ev   price expectations

MG as a manufacturer is just spreading its wings in the country. Since its launch, it has blown hot & cold in terms of sales. Still, one thing the brand has done well is entering unknown segments. Its biggest gamble has to be the Comet EV it recently unveiled. The Comet EV is a Kei car, which traditionally have not done well in the market. So how will MG price the Comet EV? In today’s article, let’s talk about the MG Comet Price. 


Price expectation

MG Comet EV price

Predicting the price of the Comet EV is a bit tricky. Online people have been saying vague things like it should be priced under 5 lakhs, some are even saying 3 lakhs. They are not wrong to say this from the dimensions. However, MG has clearly stated that it wants to deliver a premium experience with the Comet EV. This shows in the interior panels etc. So what about the pricing? The Comet is expected to start from Rs 8 lakh (ex-showroom). This will help the brand undercut the Tiago EV. Top variant pricing could go up to Rs 12 lakh (ex-showroom). 


MG Comet EV price – Design

MG Comet is quite a unique car. First of all, it’s a two-door car with a 4-seater layout. As stated above, it’s a Kei car smaller than the Alto. At the front, we have a DRL strip with headlamps placed below. In the side profile, we can see the true extent of its compact nature. The tyres are quite small at 12 inches. At the rear, we have LED tail lamps and an upright rear windshield. 


The MG Comet EV comes with a 17.3kWh battery pack with a claimed range of 230km. MG is targeting a city user with that type of range. In terms of power, its motor delivers around 40bhp to the rear wheels. 0 to 100 charge on a 3.3kW charger should take 7 hours.  

MG Comet EV price – Features

MG Comet EV price

MG has loaded the Comet with features. It comes with a twin 10.25-inch screen at the front – one for the infotainment and one for the instrument cluster. Other than that, we have a two-spoke steering wheel, connected car technology, electric parking brake, keyless entry, drive modes and a tyre pressure monitoring system.

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