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Learn to change the gears the right way!

01:00 PM Feb 03, 2023 IST | Bhushan Mayekar
learn to change the gears the right way

Changing and keeping the right gear is equally important while driving. It ensures your own safety as well as the wear and tear of the car. If you are not in the right gear, the car cannot give its best performance, leading to reduced mileage. It’s a crucial factor to know while driving a manual car. Keeping the right gear depends on various factors like speed, type of road, acceleration and RPM levels. We have listed down 5 tips for a perfect gear change.


Driving Uphill

While you are driving uphill, your car needs more torque to maintain momentum. So, it is ideal to use lower gears that usually have high torque. You can maintain a single gear for a longer time than usual because you don’t want to break your motion. Moreover, you should change the gear if the car is reaching the redline.


5 tips for perfect gear change – Driving Downhill

perfect gear change

You often need to brake while you are driving downhill. However, if you maintain proper gear engine braking can help you cruise down safely. Engine braking would also help to reduce the effort to additionally brake the car. However, we don’t recommend you rely on engine braking for slowing the speeds.


Proper Speed

5 tips for perfect gear change

You should change the gear ideally if it reaches 2,000 RPM. It depends on different powertrains and driving modes to get optimum performance. Moreover, if you want to achieve the highest mileage, you should cruise in the maximum gear on highways.

5 tips for perfect gear change – Best performance

5 tips for perfect gear change

Changing gears at the right times also ensures the best performance from the car. Also, lowering gears at turns and bends gives proper control of the car. In terms of performance, if you want to attain speed and that too fast, don’t skip any gear. There are people who directly change to 5th from 3rd or 4th from 2nd, which is not recommended.

Use clutch properly

5 tips for perfect gear change

Don’t rest your leg on the clutch pedal. If you do so, it can burn the clutch soon and you will have to replace your clutch plate. If you are cruising on highways and stretches, keep your leg on the dead pedal.

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