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5 things to never do while driving!

14 days ago | Bhushan
5 things to never do while driving

A car in its most basic sense serves our mobility needs. Add to it comfort and practicality, it becomes a modern-age, feature-loaded commuter. We invest our hard-earned money to get a vehicle according to our needs, taste, budget along with several other factors revolving around it. So, taking care of it becomes the top-most priority. There are somethings that you should avoid doing while driving for your safety, you car’s safety as well as others’ safety. In today’s article, let’s talk about 5 precautions that you should take while driving.


Not following basic precautions

driving precautions



Not adjusting your ORVMs and IRVM according to your seating stance can result in you missing out essential surroundings from your view, increasing the number of blind spots. This can ultimately lead to collisions which will directly damage your vehicle and can also lead to fatal situations.



Not maintaining the correct pressure for all tyres can also result in mishaps since it affects the driving dynamics of a vehicle. Also, worn-out tyres find it difficult to maintain grip. Now, one interesting thing to note is that if you maintain the proper tyre pressure, you can save money while driving. How? Because the correct tyre pressure will enhance the fuel-efficiency figures of your car and you would ultimately be saving on fuel.


Not maintaining optimum levels of essential fluids such as engine oil, anti-freeze, and transmission fluid can lead to serious damage to the expensive components of a car. So, you should keep checking fluid levels at regular intervals.

Driving precautions – Not using proper indicators

driving precautions

Using proper indicators before turning is very necessary. It helps the vehicle behind know that you are willing to turn so that it can also get an idea and manoeuvre accordingly to avoid any close calls. While stopping on roadsides, you should use hazard lights to indicate the moving traffic that you are stationary.

Losing focus while driving

driving precautions

Focusing on the road is the only thing you should do while driving. You should not be using mobile phones, fiddle a lot with the infotainment system, etc. Sometimes, you could be just seconds away from a disaster. So, driving with complete focus is very essential.

Harsh driving

driving precautions

Speed might be fun, but it can soon go out of hand. Driving harshly puts yours as well as others lives at risk. You should always drive in a controlled manner. Driving softly without pressing the accelerator too harshly can also help you attain a better fuel economy figure. The more you press the accelerator and brake in a linear manner, the engine runs smoothly without stressing. 

Driving precautions – Not obeying speed limits

driving precautions

Not obeying road signs and speed limits is another thing that you should completely avoid. It is a matter of safety for you, other drivers and also the pedestrians. Everyone is aware that speed thrills but exceeding it beyond the limit is an offense and a breach of road safety.

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