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2021 BMW G310R - Bling for the Buck

04:33 PM Feb 10, 2021 IST | Akshat Mehrotra
2021 bmw g310r   bling for the buck

The updated 2021 BMW G310R is a bike which is always compared to the KTM 390 Duke. The complete comparison of the vehicle is live on our channel. In this review I will be explaining you about why spending Rs 2.99 lakhs for a bike which has its flaws is worth it.


Looks and Premium Feel

BMW G310R - Side

One thing that is very clear, is that the BMW looks like a big bike. It looks like money well spent. A Rs 3 lakh price for this design and the BMW badge is clearly value for money. The USD forks at the front attract attention and the LED headlamps are bright in the day to garner attention.


As a rider too when you sit on the bike there is good feel and when you touch different part of the vehicle. The grips are soft and the tank is wide but you can grab it properly.

BMW Rear

Adding to the premium feel of the bike is the seat which is a dual seat with a different rubber material covering it. The bike looks proportionate and the only one thing that puts it off is the exhaust muffler which looks out of place.

There is no problems with the switchgear and it does feel like anything else on the market. Even as the bike is standing still the gear box feels clunky and this does not change as we get riding the bike

Price for Tech

BMW G310R - Suspension

Now for Rs 2.99 lakhs the engine water cooling which is not seen on any other indian bike. Now you might be thinking with water cooling you could top it off like the M4 car but that is not the case with this water cooling system.

Other tech on the bike is limited to a ride by wire throttle. Although it should make it a bit light but that is not the case with the BMW G310R. It feels heavy and causes some stress after long hrs of usage. On the other side the clutch is light and the Glide through traffic makes it easy to use.

BMW G310R Headlight

It misses out on the Bluetooth connectivity and ride modes which are offered on the Apache RR310.

Ride and Handling


The ride of the 2021 BMW G310R is soft and has been great for city. The slightly pulled back handlebars give a good relaxed cruising hold. But the shape of the tank is wide and the footpegs are slightly front set. So you are in this awkward posture of neither cruising nor sporty. What one could do is adjust the foot levers in a way that your foot is tilted in a natural position.

Also the gear lever has a very clunky action which makes it not so appealing to change gears. The 2021 BMW G310R does not require frequent gear changes as the bike is quite torquey. Also the sprocket is not that big and this leads to some hesitation while the bike is in a higher gear. The GTT helps here and matches revs but sudden turns in traffic might stall the bike.

The clutch is not heavy and the lever has a premium shape and feel. There is adjustability on both sides but the clutch gets 5 setting and brake gets 4. Lastly the switches feel good to use and they have a very good tactile feel.

The baby beamer handles very compliantly in traffic and the highway manners are also good. It is not the sharpest corner machine but has good rebound and damping. The suspension might feel soft for someone moving from a sports bike but for a first bike owner it is just right. It does not send jolts up your spine even on sharp undulations.

The brakes have good feed back and the ABS is mildly intrusive. Especially on the rear brake you feel it at the lever but the braking is on point. With a pillion on board the bike settles well and the seat is quite comfortable. The step seat layout acts like a back rest and the pillion seat is also soft enough for the person to sit for long distances.


One major setback for the bike which you might not notice in the showroom is the light. It is bright and wide but it is not positioned correctly. It seems like the same unit from the G310GS has been put on this bike but as the GS has it mounted higher up it spreads evenly. On this bike it just falls in front of the wheel. Even on the high beam the light is not sufficient for night illumination.

Fuel filler has a plastic rod in it which prevents the nozzle from completely entering the tank. This might lead to some splash back while filling at stations which do not have rubber covering, The fuel economy is decent and if ridden at a steady pace the bike gave a fuel economy of 38 km/l.

It misses out on riding modes which are seen on the Apache RR310. Also it misses out on switchable ABS which is kind of a let down as the duke too gets it. Also the vibration are curbed on the riders footpeg but the pillion footpeg vibrates to unbearable levels at high revs. This might be something to consider if you have a pillion most of the time.

Lastly the throttle is heavy and cause some amount of pain if ridden at continuous on and off. Heating under the seat is evident but could not be tested to its core as it was winter and it cooled off pretty quickly. This might not be the case during summers and beware for that.


Overall as a bike if you are spending Rs 3 lakhs and want a mature bike then this 2021 BMW G310R is a good choice. It give you total value for money and attention you want after you spend Rs 3 lakhs. And as a bike it is good and considerable option. Just the service cost is high but the upside is that you might get you bike service next to a bigger BMW.

If you are looking for performance and amazing ride and handling to carve corners this 2021 BMW G310R is not for you and you need to look for other options in the market. We will keep you updated on the Upcoming Car News. Join our WhatsApp Alert list by sending a Hi @ 7738660455. For more such content stay subscribed to the MotorOctane Youtube, Google NEWS, Facebook and Twitter. We also have a paid car consultancy service for all your doubts – Know more before one of your largest investment.

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