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2018 BMW X5 spotted on test

05:13 PM Jan 20, 2016 IST | MotorOctane Team
2018 bmw x5 spotted on test

The first mules for the all new BMW X5 has been spotted during testing. The all-new X5 is said to hit the market in 2018 so this is still a very early mule but we can expect that BMW will work on not just making it more comfortable but also more hi-tech and lighter than the current one. For the Indian car market, the X5 will be launched in 2019.


BMW X5 2

The X5 is based on the new ultra-light weight platform that will improve the performance of this new SUV.
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The X5 will be powered by six and eight cylinder petrol and diesel engines.
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There will be a range of hybrid powertrains on offer as well. BMW is testing the new-generation 3 Series, X5, Z5 and even the 5 Series. All these new platform vehicles are lighter, quicker and even have better ride and handling as well. The fuel efficiency will higher as well and hybrid versions will be more commonly picked as the emission norms get more stringent by the day.


BMW X5 8

The new X5 will follow the design language of the new-generation 7 Series. This is what the X3  and X2 will also have in similar, when the new generations are launched.
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BMW x5 10

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